Psalm 91 - Pray It & Believe Course with Jan L. Burt

Want to see your prayer life grow & your faith increase?

You're in the right place!

In this course, expect to see your prayer life grow and your faith increase. Jan's diagnosis of heart failure plunged her into a lifestyle of living, breathing & praying the Word of God, and Psalm 91 has become a portion of the Bible that has changed her life. Jan is the founder of the online prayer retreat group "Praying Through the Storm" & she has been the host of several live multi-day prayer retreat events as well as a 17-week long study of Psalm 91.

Come along on a journey to apply the profound and life-changing promises from this psalm to your daily life & your loved ones. Expect to be blessed as we get the promises of God into the people of God, right where they belong!

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

  • You want to grow in your prayer life, but are not sure what to pray for...

  • As a Christian, you aren't sure you are living in the fullness of the Lord's blessings...

  • You know God has made promises in the Bible, but don't know which promises are for you...

  • Every bit of your faith has been stretched to it's limits, but you need to increase your faith...

Psalm 91 - Pray It & Believe Course

  • Easy to consume lessons

  • Printable worksheets & pdfs

  • Life-change happens when we pray & believe this psalm

  • Certainty that God's promises are FOR YOU & they are for RIGHT NOW

Total value = priceless & eternal

Product Price = $35


TESTIMONIAL #1 - Terry -Prayer Retreat Member

Jan’s online prayer retreat has changed my life. Our study of psalm 91 has literally transformed my prayer life, both how I pray and what I pray for. I now have the psalm memorized and pray it out loud several times each day and it brings me a peace I cannot quite explain. Although i have never met Jan in person I feel like she is family. She prays for me and my family ever day and that has given me the confidence to pray more boldly than I ever have and trust that no matter what comes…it’s God’s perfect plan. One night in December on my way home from work I was feeling overwhelmed by a situation my son was facing. I called out to God right there in my car and asked Him to find a way where we could not see one, to two very specific problems. The next day at 3:00 p.m. BOTH prayers were answered, lifting a huge burden from my son (and me). I believe this was an immediate answer to my prayer and was humbled before God. I’m so thankful to my friend Sara for introducing me to the Praying Through the Storm group. I have enjoyed and benefited from listening to Jan. She is a true prayer warrior.

Jan's products are always reasonably priced and filled with valuable content. If your aim is to grow as a disciple of Jesus, then this course is for you.

Product Price = $35