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Talking About the Bible w/ Facebook Lives…

Facebook Live videos are kind of a thing right now. So are podcasts. And live videos on Instagram and YouTube.

It seems as if people like having the option of listening (which can be done via any of the aforementioned) or watching rather than reading.

Maybe this is a sign of the times in which we live; people are so busy and so slammed with non-stop social media stuff that we need to be able to just listen to something rather than read and read and read.

I love reading and am a book-a-holic, so I won’t pick a video or podcast over a book pretty much ever. But I do have a few podcasts that I listen to on the regular and I watch Facebook lives at least 3 times a week.

And I was challenged to do a Facebook Live a couple of weeks ago – to find out if I enjoyed it, to see what kind of response it generated, and to expand my reach as I work to share more about the Word of God and the love of Jesus to as many people as possible.

And guess what? It wasn’t so bad…I mean, it was bad because I had no idea what i was doing and it was not at all professional. But the reaction was surprisingly positive. And the reach went far beyond what I had guessed it might be.

So I am going to be adding videos to more things….like my Titus 2 Discipleship membership site. And I may even start a podcast. Actually, I am going to start a podcast in the very near future.

Because if I could encourage one more person, why wouldn’t I? I am so crazy encouraged & blessed by the videos and lives and podcasts I’m partaking of each week and I am so thankful each of those women decided to give it a try one day and has kept at it.

I am even going to be so brave as to share one of my Facebook live videos in this post…GULP.

Do you have any podcasts you absolutely love and find super encouraging in your Christian walk?

What about people you follow on social media whose live videos make an impact on your life?

Will you share those in the comments so we can all be blessed? Thanks so very much!

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Proverbs 21:13

Proverbs 21:13 – If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered

There is an old saying: “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” I’m sure you’ve heard it said on more than one occasion. However, it begs the question: Where is this found in the Word of God? Turns out it’s difficult to locate because it simply is not there! But what is there, oft repeated though phrased in a myriad of ways, is this: The Lord helps those who help others! It’s an all-American, John Wayne, hard-working, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, one-woman show that embraces an ideology of self-help. Yet as Christians, are we safe to simply accept such ideas and ideals as God’s own? Or do we need to, in prayer, check our beliefs per the Word of God? If the Lord says that I best help myself by helping others, then I need to be all about helping as many as I can as often as I can. The thought of the Lord’s ears being shut to my cries in the way I have so often shut my eyes and ears to the needs of others is both frightening and convicting. And may the Lord, in His infinite mercy, bring me to a point of such great love for my fellow man that I help always and in all ways as an outflow of a grateful heart…giving no thought to what I may receive as a result.

Lord bless you!

~ Jan L. Burt

Copyright 2019 ~

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Proverbs 15:19

Proverbs 15:19 – A lazy person’s way is blocked with briars, but the path of the upright is an open highway.

Are there people in my life who, when giving an honest opinion, might consider me to be a lazy person? I’m betting so…and if no one would say that of me, I would probably say it of myself! We are living in a social medial laden culture wherein “scrolling” is now considered an activity. Think back 25 or more years – can you imagine how bizarre it would have been to see someone doing what we now do all day, every day, with our phones? It’s a tremendously strange societal shift that happened so quickly, it should frighten us a little bit. My point is that we are living in a “lazy” era, and it only seems to be getting worse. But this verse states clearly that the lazy person’s way is blocked with briars. Briars are hideous and thorny and seemingly impossible to navigate. If you try and mow down a briar patch, the thorns remain and will still hinder you when you navigate that terrain in the future. You can burn them, but even then some of the briar stalks can remain for years. No one wants to deal with a mess of briars; it’s far easier to just avoid the entire mess in the first place. Listen, none of us wants to fight our way through life, right? And we don’t want to be all tangled up in nasty, prickly briars, do we? Let me challenge you to keep your focus on the Lord, to seek His will for your life on a daily basis, and then be about doing what He asks you to do. Don’t be lazy! And also, can’t we all just put our silly phones down more often? We’re trading our actual lives to become lazy “scrollers” who end up stuck in the briar patch, and that just makes no sense. Live for the Lord and His Kingdom today & be sure to pray for freedom from our culture’s social media obsession.

Jan L. Burt