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The Truth That Breaks Us…

Jesus is speaking to us from the twentieth chapter of Luke.

Well, He was speaking directly to the leading priests, the teachers of religious law, & the elders. And His disciples, as well as many other people who weren’t fully sold-out followers of Jesus, were listening to Him. But at the same time, He is speaking to us. Past tense & present tense, both at the same time.

That’s not a new concept for those of us who have experienced conviction or comfort or peace of heart & mind when reading our Bibles. But it is always an awesome thing to experience.

Luke 20:16b-17 reads: But when they heard this they said, “That must never happen!” But He looked at them and said, “Then what is the meaning of this Scripture: The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?”

Here is just a bit of info/backstory on what was happening before this interaction took place. Jesus was in Jerusalem for the Passover & He had been welcomed by the crowds in what is known as The Triumphal Entry. He had wept over Jerusalem and had cleared the Temple, driving out those who were selling animals for sacrifices. And now these leading men, the “upper crust” so-to-speak, had come to challenge His authority. A discourse regarding John the Baptist had ensued, and believe me you, that was a very touchy subject for these men.

Immediately following Jesus’s refusal to tell them by what authority He was “doing all these things” (like healing people, proclaiming God’s astounding love & mercy, bringing conviction of sin to the hearts of the people…things these men should have been thrilled to see coming to pass) Jesus went straight into the parable of the evil farmers (sometimes referred to as the Parable of the Evil Tenants). You can read it in verses 9-19 of Luke chapter 20 & then go back to the verses we’ve landed on today…16b & 17.

Jesus was unequivocally telling the scribes & the chief priests & even the elders that their “kingdom” was about to be take from them and given to others (see the first part of verse 16). OUCH!

And just who were those “others”? Well, probably the Gentiles…DOUBLE OUCH! This was a slap in the face, and it was meant to be exactly that.

This was more truth than they could bear! It pretty much broke them.

Here’s today’s 64k question…

What Truth Breaks ME???

And do I yield to Jesus in that breaking, or do I react in anger?

Lord, help me to always bend the knee to you when Your truth touches a nerve in my heart, mind & life. Keep me far from the hard-hardheartedness that lens itself so quickly to anger, resentment, bitterness and disappointment. Be the One whose truth always speaks louder than my flesh or my circumstances, because You are Truth, Jesus.

Lord, don’t let go of our hands as we walk this life journey with You. Keep us close to you today and every day and bless us by continuing to break us in every part of our lives that need Your breaking.

If you think you know someone who could benefit by reading this, please share it – Pin it – re-post it. Just don’t sit on it and ignore it!

Lord bless ~ Jan L. Burt

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Living My Life in the Light of God’s Promises

How many promises has God given us in His Word, exactly?

That’s a question I found myself asking recently. And one answer I found was this: 5,467…

Whoa! That’s a whole lotta promise to stand on!

In light of the reality that I have thousands of rock-solid promises to base the entirety of my life upon, I have been embarking upon a journey to better know, better live, better appropriate and better trust (as in stand firmly upon) those promises.

Anyone care to join me on this life-changing adventure?

I have been doing some live videos on Facebook (see my personal page and my Titus 2 Disicpleship page for more deets if you’re so inclined) solely about God’s promises to us.

I just let the Lord lead me to whatever promises He chooses & then I just share what He has shown me about that particular promise.

Simple? Yup! Easy? Nope!

It’s a little bit scary to be totally real and out there for anyone & everyone to see ~~~ because not only am I learning more about how I can stand on God’s promises as I choose to keep believing them even as the battle with my health (specifically heart issues & a diagnosis of heart failure) rages on and some days ramps up and intensifies ~~~ but I am doing this publicly.

Why would I do this? Make the decision to talk boldly about the absolute & unwavering truth of every one of God’s promises even as I am facing the greatest faith battle of my life?

Because nobody wants to be “encouraged” by the lady with the perfect life, the one who has it all together – the Pinterest & Instagram worthy life presented by the happily-ever-after lady might SEEM appealing…but it’s not at all INSPIRING…

I think that the more real I keep it ~~~ even while I fully believe and base all my hope on the certainty of God’s promises ~~~ that is what women want to see. That’s the lady they will take a few minutes & listen to.

Because that’s where they be livin’ their life…down in the trenches, trudging through the long, dark valley…just trying to keep chasing after the Lord, hanging tight to Jesus’ hand.

So, if that’s you, will you join me on this journey?

Let’s walk it together, side-by-side ~~~ you, me & Jesus, doing life together.

Nothing sounds better to me at this point in my life than getting more and more of the promises of God into more and more of the women of God.

Let’s do this thing!

And if you’d like to see one of my recent Facebook live videos on the promise Psalm 94:14 holds for you, it’s in this post.

Watch it – share it – and do something bold & crazy like this on your own social media platform.

We need hope – so let’s throw it around like confetti!!