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A Prayer for You This New Year (& a bit of good stuff for free…)

So women tend to do all the things…

~ Wife things
~ Mom things
~ Education things
~ Feeding the fam things
~ Money things
~ Growing in faith things
~ and every single other thing…

I’ve been there, believe me you. 25 years of homeschooling plus ministry plus work plus all the other things of life (health issues, military deployments, financial strains, teaching multiple grade levels, and now empty nesting…)

I remember how much a good dose of encouragement did for me – to help keep me moving forward, grew my faith and just gave me a little something just – for – me…

The New Year, New Beginnings 2020 Conference for Moms is right around the corner. It kicks of January 6th & is entirely online (with lifetime access to 50 speakers on all sorts of subject matter that relates to all things mom-related & $500 worth of freebies + giveaways)

Tickets are just $15 until January 6th (then they bump up to $25, which is still a great deal!)

And for my page followers, I have a special free offer for anyone who gets their ticket via this link

SIX MONTHS of membership to the Titus 2 Discipleship private members only group (we have a monthly study that is based on the Word of God but focuses on everyday, real life issues) AND totally free access to the upcoming private Facebook group that will have early access to the course “God’s Promises for You – 2020 Edition” (you’ll get all of it free, and will even get an affiliate link to share when the course launches at it’s normal price of $37)

Here is the link & I will add you to the private members only group right away (and to the God’s Promises group as soon as it opens up later this month!)

Happy New Year, homeschooling mama! May this conference bless you abundantly & give you all the encouragement I want you to have!

(And check your inbox…the email you use to register for the conference is how I will touch base with you about adding you to both groups!)

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How About Doing Something That's Actually NEW in the New Year??

Okay, here’s the deal. I’m a planner & a writer & so I am all about laying out those resolutions and working toward them in the new year. But I am also a realist & the hard truth is that I am kinda weary of resolutions…anybody else?

This year I am doing something different.

Zero resolutions for me. Just asking the Lord what He wants to do in my life & through me in 2020, and no beating myself up for not being able to hang on by a thread & master my impossible list of life changing resolutions in my own (feeble) strength.

And ya know what? That is a very freeing way to kick off a new year – a new decade. I am more excited about this than I can ever remember being about my resolutions of years gone by. This is a whole new thing & I love it when God does a whole new thing.

And since this is my personal plan for approaching 2020, and I am also a speaker for 3 sessions of an upcoming online conference, I thought it would be kind of cool to focus on helping others be encouraged in the new year rather than “resolved”. Instead of a tired old list of resolutions, why not opt for a hefty dose of encouragement and helpful tips, freebies & resources to kick start 2020? Yeah, this sounds like a great idea to me.

So, for the next few days, early bird tickets are available for just $15…and during the actual week of the conference they’ll jump up to $25 (which is still a bargain in light of everything you get…see a list of speakers HERE – but you also get $500 in freebies via the “Swag Bag” & there will be contests for awesome prizes & you have unlimited lifetime access to the conference) .

Topics include marriage – parenting – spiritual growth (yup, one of my sessions fits in this category) – goals & organization – parenting & even meal planning & prep…good stuff for $15, am I right? (I know I sound sales-ey but I seriously don’t want anybody to miss this!)

Now here’s the rub: I do have a couple of sessions in the “goals” category…and those are awesome! I share hard-earned and hard-learned info from my 25 years as a homeschooling mom to 5 kiddos…but there is one conference session that the Lord laid on my heart that was almost impossible to complete. I have NEVER been under so much spiritual attack and resistance as I was working on this conference session. And I cannot think of one single time that I nearly threw in the towel and told the Lord I wasn’t gonna do what He had asked me to do….until this conference session.

It’s all about redeeming an orphan spirit. And listen, this is a hot topic right now. If you only sign up for this conference for this one session, then you will get your fifteen bucks worth and then some. We have a real enemy & the more I learn about the orphan spirit, the more I see him working this out in almost every single person’s life…the devil wants everybody to feel like an orphan (and thus live like an orphan) but he doesn’t want anybody talking about it…READ THAT AGAIN!! It’s time to stop listening to that old liar the devil & get serious about our non-orphan status as children of the Most High God.

Every orphan longs for family ~ home ~ a time & a place & a people where they really, truly belong.

Words like “freedom” ~ “grace” ~ “acceptance” ~ don’t often enter the heart or mind of someone dealing with an orphan spirit.

In 1 Peter 1:4 we read that we have been born anew into an inheritance which is imperishable (last time I checked, orphans don’t have an inheritance of any sort!). That word “imperishable” literally means it is beyond the reach of change. An orphan fears change & hates change … in this verse the Lord has given us an unchangeable promise that completely negates the lies that an orphan spirit convinces us to believe.

How many orphans have a comforter? An advocate? An intercessor? Someone to strengthen them and stand by them? You are NOT an orphan! I read John 16:7 & prove to myself over & over again that this is my truth! Let’s also make it your truth.

Grab your ticket & then send me an email at with “Not An Orphan” in the subject line & the email you used to sign up for the conference & I will gift you 6 months in my monthly membership group (Titus 2 Discipleship with Jan L. Burt) at zero cost to you and no obligation. No strings attached. But lots of strings that tie you up and hold you down cut off you…sound like a deal?

Go HERE right now and buy your ticket. Let’s get serious about the freedom for which Jesus set us free, shall we? Your orphan spirit is about to be redeeemed & your whole life turned upside down (in a good way!)

Happiest of New Years to you — see ya “on the inside” at the conference!

Lord bless – Jan L. Burt

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The Truth That Breaks Us…

Jesus is speaking to us from the twentieth chapter of Luke.

Well, He was speaking directly to the leading priests, the teachers of religious law, & the elders. And His disciples, as well as many other people who weren’t fully sold-out followers of Jesus, were listening to Him. But at the same time, He is speaking to us. Past tense & present tense, both at the same time.

That’s not a new concept for those of us who have experienced conviction or comfort or peace of heart & mind when reading our Bibles. But it is always an awesome thing to experience.

Luke 20:16b-17 reads: But when they heard this they said, “That must never happen!” But He looked at them and said, “Then what is the meaning of this Scripture: The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?”

Here is just a bit of info/backstory on what was happening before this interaction took place. Jesus was in Jerusalem for the Passover & He had been welcomed by the crowds in what is known as The Triumphal Entry. He had wept over Jerusalem and had cleared the Temple, driving out those who were selling animals for sacrifices. And now these leading men, the “upper crust” so-to-speak, had come to challenge His authority. A discourse regarding John the Baptist had ensued, and believe me you, that was a very touchy subject for these men.

Immediately following Jesus’s refusal to tell them by what authority He was “doing all these things” (like healing people, proclaiming God’s astounding love & mercy, bringing conviction of sin to the hearts of the people…things these men should have been thrilled to see coming to pass) Jesus went straight into the parable of the evil farmers (sometimes referred to as the Parable of the Evil Tenants). You can read it in verses 9-19 of Luke chapter 20 & then go back to the verses we’ve landed on today…16b & 17.

Jesus was unequivocally telling the scribes & the chief priests & even the elders that their “kingdom” was about to be take from them and given to others (see the first part of verse 16). OUCH!

And just who were those “others”? Well, probably the Gentiles…DOUBLE OUCH! This was a slap in the face, and it was meant to be exactly that.

This was more truth than they could bear! It pretty much broke them.

Here’s today’s 64k question…

What Truth Breaks ME???

And do I yield to Jesus in that breaking, or do I react in anger?

Lord, help me to always bend the knee to you when Your truth touches a nerve in my heart, mind & life. Keep me far from the hard-hardheartedness that lens itself so quickly to anger, resentment, bitterness and disappointment. Be the One whose truth always speaks louder than my flesh or my circumstances, because You are Truth, Jesus.

Lord, don’t let go of our hands as we walk this life journey with You. Keep us close to you today and every day and bless us by continuing to break us in every part of our lives that need Your breaking.

If you think you know someone who could benefit by reading this, please share it – Pin it – re-post it. Just don’t sit on it and ignore it!

Lord bless ~ Jan L. Burt