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We’re Having a Pay-What-You-Want SALE!! ~~~ All Things Homeschool – 180 Devotions for Homeschooling Mothers softcover book ~~~

** Since this is a Pay-What-You-Want Sale, here is how you actually place an order…submit your choice of how much to pay via PayPal and you will receive an email letting you know your order was received and a shipping date ~~ use the email address to pay what you want for this softcover book by going directly to ~~ Your book will be on it’s way to you in a jiffy! **

A softcover book of short devotions written for homeschooling mothers, All Things Homeschool was intended to be a source of encouragement and support for women who are the primary educators for their children. However, due to a file corruption error on the publisher’s end ~ a fact which went undiscovered until several hundred copies had been printed an shipped ~ this particular version of the book is a “misprint”. There are some issues with the book’s cover due to file compression problems; there was an issue with the font size and subsequently with the page layout (still very readable ~ it just does not seem to fill up enough of the page); and a few days of devotions are missing. Who knew a file corruption issue could turn into such a headache?!?  Due to the failure to catch the problem prior to printing physical copies, we now have an overstock of books that are not 100% perfect…Rather than toss them into the dumpster, I thought I would offer them to homeschoolers. And by offer, I actually mean that you get to make me an offer! Think of it as a Pay-What-You-Want sale that will remain in effect as long as supplies last! But I would like to mention that the cost of packaging and shipping adds up to just over $3.65 cents for us….you should by all means only pay what you want, but I did want to throw that out there as an FYI.

And here is what one homeschooling mom had to say about All Things Homeschool :

Homeschooling as many years as I have, I have read a lot of homeschool devotionals.  Most of them were easy and encouraging to read, but none, in my humble opinion, have been as good as, All Things Homeschool 180 Devotions for Homeschooling Mothers by Jan L. Burt.  Her daily devotions are short, sweet, to the point, and make you think deeper about your walk with Christ.

Maybe it is because I am chronically ill that I needed something with less fluff and more meat, as homeschooling while ill is not for wimps, period.  It is tough but………….

26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. (see Matthew 19:26 KJV)

May your day be blessed, my friend………….

(I have no affiliation with Mrs. Burt and purchased this book on my own accord.)


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My favorite homeschool devotional

Orders will be shipped promptly & once my stock of misprinted copies is gone, they will be gone forever….

Thanks for your support with my misprint adventure!


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A Glimpse into Proverbs 2:9

Proverbs 2:9 in the New Living Translation says this:

“Then you will understand what is right, just, and fair, and you will find the right way to go.”


But, when will I understand all of this? When will I know what is right? and what is just? and what is fair? How will I consistently find the right way to go as I face struggles and delays and hurdles and life?

I need to look at what comes prior to “Then…” (first word of verse 9) if I hope to grasp this vast & life-encompassing understanding.

Some key words & phrases that stand out as I read Proverbs 2, verses 1 through 8 include:

Listening ~ Turning My Ears to Wisdom ~ Concentrate on Understanding ~ Cry Out for Insight ~ Search for These Like Hidden Treasure ~ All Wisdom Comes From the Lord’s Mouth ~ He Can Grant Me A Treasure of Common Sense When I Am Honest ~ When I Walk With Integrity, He Will Become My Shield ~ When I Am a Just Person He Will Guard My Path ~ He Lives to Protect Those Who Are Faithful to Him


As I read through this long list, I realize (for the umpteenth time!) that apart from the Holy Spirit these cannot be accomplished in my life. I have no ability to bear fruit on my own. So I must decide, on a daily basis, if I will yield to Jesus or try to do life as a disciple on my own. The older I get, the more aware I become of the truth that I can do nothing good in my own strength and of my own volition.

John 15 rings in my ears as I study the second chapter of Proverbs. He is the vine, I am a branch, and apart from Him I can do no good thing.

So when I need to listen, I ask Him to give me ears to hear; ears that are turned toward wisdom, turned toward Him. If I need to concentrate on what truly matters in my life and the lives of those around me, I seek the Counselors help (since I will miss what really matters and He alone can make sure I don’t miss it). Crying out for insight is actually crying out to Him for His eyes, His heart, His wisdom…just for Him.

Do I need more common sense? (Ahem, do I even need to ask?) Then I need to be more and more honest, and so I ask Him to cleanse me in my inmost parts and make me pure and honest and undefiled.

When I need His shield of protection (which is every moment of every day) then I seek His ability to make me a person of integrity. And if I want the Lord to guard my path? Well, I ask Him to make me a just person by His power within me.

Since He lives to protect those who are faithful to Him, then I should be desperate to be found faithful! Because why on earth would I want to lose one bit of Almighty God’s protection for even one single second?

Lord, may I understand more and more what is right, what is just, what is fair according to Your standards and Your holiness. Lead me in Your pathways for my life so that I will always find the right way to go…which is Your way to go. Amen.

Jan L. Burt

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speaker at the 2018 Homeschool Moms Conference

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The Once-A-Year Homeschool Planner

This pdf printable download contains everything you need to plan our your homeschool year ~ whether you are teaching 1 child or a dozen ~ whether you are teaching year round or following the traditional public school schedule ~ whether you teaching multiple different grade levels or just one ~ whether you use textbooks or delight-directed learning methods ~ whatever your needs, this planning system can work for you!

By spending a few days preparing for the upcoming academic year, you will begin the year with a specific yet over-arching plan that will make your weekly lesson planning a breeze. You will not wonder what book to teach next or how much work to do in each subject, because you will have it all laid out before you even start your first day of school.

Included are instructions, helpful tips and printable worksheet pages ~ buy this product once and use it year after year at one low price ~ just $27 for unlimited lifetime use for your family’s homeschool.

You can also find more information & tips to implement this planning system at the Facebook page ~ The Once-A-Year Homeschool Planner by Jan L. Burt

Get ready to have the most well-planned, easy-to-implement homeschool year ever!

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