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Titus 2 Discipleship with Jan L. Burt is a place for women who want to dive more deeply into God’s Word as they seek to grow in their walk with the Lord as well as learning how to be the greatest possible blessing to other Christian women.

The Titus 2 Discipleship membership site provides access to consistent new content on a variety of topics, all from a Biblical perspective. If you desire to pray more often & more efficiently, learn more about the people of the Bible, have access to both short & long-term Bible study materials, devotionals, and in-depth topical and character studies, a place where your needs will be prayed for and your confidentiality preserved, then this is the place for you!

The price?

~ $10 a month ~

The value?

I will always work to deliver more content than you can work through each and every month – to include shorter and lengthier Bible studies; prayer helps and studies; devotionals; video lessons; accountability; memory verses; freebies; recommended resources & reviews of books I study; and much more.

All content will be available to every member & the newest content will be easy to find.

Using the Titus 2 Discipleship site is fairly straightforward:

~ Join the Titus 2 Discipleship with Jan L. Burt Facebook Group

~ Choose any course you would like & complete it at your own pace.

~ Feel free to share what you are learning by leaving comments about each course (below each lesson there is a place to leave comments). You can also talk about the courses as you work through them in the Facebook group.

~ New content will be added at the top of the Titus 2 Discipleship home page.

~ Each week, you can expect to find new content being added.

~ You can contact me anytime at or by tagging me in a post in the Facebook group. I will also check the comments on all of the courses each week.

~ If there is a certain topic, subject, book of the Bible, character trait, or historical Biblical figure you would like to study, feel free to let me know. I would like this site to meet the needs of the women who peruse it, and I very much welcome your input and feedback.

~ You can cancel your membership at any time, by either going to the “Admin” or “Account” section of your homepage or by sending me an email at

~ I will be working on an affiliate program & details will be shared here once that is established.

Sign up at

Lord bless you & I look forward to serving you & growing in the study of God’s Word with you!

Jan L. Burt