Hey there! I’m Jan.



I podcast & I write & I read voraciously. I’m something like a bag of cats when pondering the whole of my life…from 25 years spent homeschooling my 5 kiddos to being a ‘real music by real musicians’ aficionado - a decade+ of youth ministry & a normally serious adult who turns into a kid again when a theme park crosses my path.

I may not seem like a typical Bible study girl, but when Jesus saved me in my early 20’s He began to change me into the very best version of myself, and I am incredibly thankful for His work in my life!

Way back then I asked Him not to let me be a pew-warming disciple…Boy oh boy, has He answered that prayer time & time again!

I’m so glad you’re joining me on this journey to make His name famous!

Welcome & I can hardly wait to get to know you!

Some of the topics I have speak about include:


Praying for Your Children

Redeeming An Orphan Spirit

Church Hurt Recovery

Praying Psalm 91

Encouragement for Moms


Biblical Motherhood

Personal Prayer Retreats

Feel free to inquire about my availability to lead a prayer retreat event for your group.

I have also been a speaker at several homeschool conferences & my content is primarily on topics related to high school, transcripts & electives, devotions for homeschooling mothers, planning for multiple age levels, & a session based on my book “The Homeschooling Mothers Bible Study”.

I do occasionally accept invitations to speak at homeschool conferences & groups - please reach out to me by clicking the blue image.

I look forward to chatting with you!

Fun Facts About Me

  • Spent 25 years homeschooling our five children from preschool through high school graduation.

  • Bonafide book-a-holic & I read about 100 books each year.

  • An extreme introvert who does very "extrovert-ish" things like public speaking & podcasting.

Jan on the "WHY" behind her work & ministry.

“One day I realized that perhaps the stacks of Bible study journals I had compiled over the last 25+ years held some thoughts the Lord wanted me to share, maybe…just maybe & so my speaking, writing, & podcasting ministry was born.”

My book, “The Power of God’s Will - 40 Days of God’s Promises Devotional” is now available at Amazon (paperback or Kindle).

What’s more important than getting a life-changing handle on everything God has promised you? How would your life change if you could begin to tangibly see the promises of God coming to pass in your life? Right now, perhaps more than ever, we need to get the promises of God into the people of God. This devotional helps to do that by examining forty promises from the Bible in which the Lord uses the word “WILL” to express His commitment to keep all of His promises to us.