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Living My Life in the Light of God’s Promises

How many promises has God given us in His Word, exactly?

That’s a question I found myself asking recently. And one answer I found was this: 5,467…

Whoa! That’s a whole lotta promise to stand on!

In light of the reality that I have thousands of rock-solid promises to base the entirety of my life upon, I have been embarking upon a journey to better know, better live, better appropriate and better trust (as in stand firmly upon) those promises.

Anyone care to join me on this life-changing adventure?

I have been doing some live videos on Facebook (see my personal page and my Titus 2 Disicpleship page for more deets if you’re so inclined) solely about God’s promises to us.

I just let the Lord lead me to whatever promises He chooses & then I just share what He has shown me about that particular promise.

Simple? Yup! Easy? Nope!

It’s a little bit scary to be totally real and out there for anyone & everyone to see ~~~ because not only am I learning more about how I can stand on God’s promises as I choose to keep believing them even as the battle with my health (specifically heart issues & a diagnosis of heart failure) rages on and some days ramps up and intensifies ~~~ but I am doing this publicly.

Why would I do this? Make the decision to talk boldly about the absolute & unwavering truth of every one of God’s promises even as I am facing the greatest faith battle of my life?

Because nobody wants to be “encouraged” by the lady with the perfect life, the one who has it all together – the Pinterest & Instagram worthy life presented by the happily-ever-after lady might SEEM appealing…but it’s not at all INSPIRING…

I think that the more real I keep it ~~~ even while I fully believe and base all my hope on the certainty of God’s promises ~~~ that is what women want to see. That’s the lady they will take a few minutes & listen to.

Because that’s where they be livin’ their life…down in the trenches, trudging through the long, dark valley…just trying to keep chasing after the Lord, hanging tight to Jesus’ hand.

So, if that’s you, will you join me on this journey?

Let’s walk it together, side-by-side ~~~ you, me & Jesus, doing life together.

Nothing sounds better to me at this point in my life than getting more and more of the promises of God into more and more of the women of God.

Let’s do this thing!

And if you’d like to see one of my recent Facebook live videos on the promise Psalm 94:14 holds for you, it’s in this post.

Watch it – share it – and do something bold & crazy like this on your own social media platform.

We need hope – so let’s throw it around like confetti!!

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