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The Enduring Faithfulness of God

You have probably heard the saying, “You cannot out give God.”

And it is absolutely true – there is no way possible for you to ever be a bigger “giver” than the Lord is.

Giving your time? He can take what you give, multiply it, stretch it, make the sun stand still in the sky, even…can’t out give God with your time.

Giving your talent? He can take your talents & gifts & abilities (which were all granted to you to steward for His glory & His purposes, after all) and maximize them in ways you will never understand. Can’t out give God with your talents.

Giving your money or possessions? Well, since He created it all (and all really does mean ALL) and owns it all…yeah, you can’t out give God with your money.

Giving your life in service to others? He will take what you offer and use it in ways that will have far-reaching, long-lasting, eternal impact. So that’s not an area where you can out give the Lord.

He is so utterly & absolutely generous, it is beyond our understanding. Combine that with His faithfulness, which literally endures forever (as in it is NEVER-ENDING)…well, this is an awesome God we serve.

In light of these truths, what ought you give to God today?

Whatever it is that your are grabbing hold of, gripping too tightly, clawing to obtain, reaching for with incessant determination ~ give that to Him. Hand it over. Leave it with Him where it’s safe & sound. Let it go. Lay it down.

Because so long as you are holding on to it, it is holding on to you. Probably with a death grip.

Whatever you are most afraid of ~ Whatever you fear God is not trustworthy enough to have ~ Give it to Him now.

And just see how God gives back to you something beyond your wildest imaginations. (The least of which is freedom from the thing you’ve been hanging on to.)

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