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Talking About the Bible w/ Facebook Lives…

Facebook Live videos are kind of a thing right now. So are podcasts. And live videos on Instagram and YouTube.

It seems as if people like having the option of listening (which can be done via any of the aforementioned) or watching rather than reading.

Maybe this is a sign of the times in which we live; people are so busy and so slammed with non-stop social media stuff that we need to be able to just listen to something rather than read and read and read.

I love reading and am a book-a-holic, so I won’t pick a video or podcast over a book pretty much ever. But I do have a few podcasts that I listen to on the regular and I watch Facebook lives at least 3 times a week.

And I was challenged to do a Facebook Live a couple of weeks ago – to find out if I enjoyed it, to see what kind of response it generated, and to expand my reach as I work to share more about the Word of God and the love of Jesus to as many people as possible.

And guess what? It wasn’t so bad…I mean, it was bad because I had no idea what i was doing and it was not at all professional. But the reaction was surprisingly positive. And the reach went far beyond what I had guessed it might be.

So I am going to be adding videos to more things….like my Titus 2 Discipleship membership site. And I may even start a podcast. Actually, I am going to start a podcast in the very near future.

Because if I could encourage one more person, why wouldn’t I? I am so crazy encouraged & blessed by the videos and lives and podcasts I’m partaking of each week and I am so thankful each of those women decided to give it a try one day and has kept at it.

I am even going to be so brave as to share one of my Facebook live videos in this post…GULP.

Do you have any podcasts you absolutely love and find super encouraging in your Christian walk?

What about people you follow on social media whose live videos make an impact on your life?

Will you share those in the comments so we can all be blessed? Thanks so very much!

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