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We’re Having a Pay-What-You-Want SALE!! ~~~ All Things Homeschool – 180 Devotions for Homeschooling Mothers softcover book ~~~

** Since this is a Pay-What-You-Want Sale, here is how you actually place an order…submit your choice of how much to pay via PayPal and you will receive an email letting you know your order was received and a shipping date ~~ use the email address to pay what you want for this softcover book by going directly to ~~ Your book will be on it’s way to you in a jiffy! **

A softcover book of short devotions written for homeschooling mothers, All Things Homeschool was intended to be a source of encouragement and support for women who are the primary educators for their children. However, due to a file corruption error on the publisher’s end ~ a fact which went undiscovered until several hundred copies had been printed an shipped ~ this particular version of the book is a “misprint”. There are some issues with the book’s cover due to file compression problems; there was an issue with the font size and subsequently with the page layout (still very readable ~ it just does not seem to fill up enough of the page); and a few days of devotions are missing. Who knew a file corruption issue could turn into such a headache?!?  Due to the failure to catch the problem prior to printing physical copies, we now have an overstock of books that are not 100% perfect…Rather than toss them into the dumpster, I thought I would offer them to homeschoolers. And by offer, I actually mean that you get to make me an offer! Think of it as a Pay-What-You-Want sale that will remain in effect as long as supplies last! But I would like to mention that the cost of packaging and shipping adds up to just over $3.65 cents for us….you should by all means only pay what you want, but I did want to throw that out there as an FYI.

And here is what one homeschooling mom had to say about All Things Homeschool :

Homeschooling as many years as I have, I have read a lot of homeschool devotionals.  Most of them were easy and encouraging to read, but none, in my humble opinion, have been as good as, All Things Homeschool 180 Devotions for Homeschooling Mothers by Jan L. Burt.  Her daily devotions are short, sweet, to the point, and make you think deeper about your walk with Christ.

Maybe it is because I am chronically ill that I needed something with less fluff and more meat, as homeschooling while ill is not for wimps, period.  It is tough but………….

26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. (see Matthew 19:26 KJV)

May your day be blessed, my friend………….

(I have no affiliation with Mrs. Burt and purchased this book on my own accord.)


You can find the original post here:

My favorite homeschool devotional

Orders will be shipped promptly & once my stock of misprinted copies is gone, they will be gone forever….

Thanks for your support with my misprint adventure!


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