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A Glimpse into Proverbs 2:9

Proverbs 2:9 in the New Living Translation says this:

“Then you will understand what is right, just, and fair, and you will find the right way to go.”


But, when will I understand all of this? When will I know what is right? and what is just? and what is fair? How will I consistently find the right way to go as I face struggles and delays and hurdles and life?

I need to look at what comes prior to “Then…” (first word of verse 9) if I hope to grasp this vast & life-encompassing understanding.

Some key words & phrases that stand out as I read Proverbs 2, verses 1 through 8 include:

Listening ~ Turning My Ears to Wisdom ~ Concentrate on Understanding ~ Cry Out for Insight ~ Search for These Like Hidden Treasure ~ All Wisdom Comes From the Lord’s Mouth ~ He Can Grant Me A Treasure of Common Sense When I Am Honest ~ When I Walk With Integrity, He Will Become My Shield ~ When I Am a Just Person He Will Guard My Path ~ He Lives to Protect Those Who Are Faithful to Him


As I read through this long list, I realize (for the umpteenth time!) that apart from the Holy Spirit these cannot be accomplished in my life. I have no ability to bear fruit on my own. So I must decide, on a daily basis, if I will yield to Jesus or try to do life as a disciple on my own. The older I get, the more aware I become of the truth that I can do nothing good in my own strength and of my own volition.

John 15 rings in my ears as I study the second chapter of Proverbs. He is the vine, I am a branch, and apart from Him I can do no good thing.

So when I need to listen, I ask Him to give me ears to hear; ears that are turned toward wisdom, turned toward Him. If I need to concentrate on what truly matters in my life and the lives of those around me, I seek the Counselors help (since I will miss what really matters and He alone can make sure I don’t miss it). Crying out for insight is actually crying out to Him for His eyes, His heart, His wisdom…just for Him.

Do I need more common sense? (Ahem, do I even need to ask?) Then I need to be more and more honest, and so I ask Him to cleanse me in my inmost parts and make me pure and honest and undefiled.

When I need His shield of protection (which is every moment of every day) then I seek His ability to make me a person of integrity. And if I want the Lord to guard my path? Well, I ask Him to make me a just person by His power within me.

Since He lives to protect those who are faithful to Him, then I should be desperate to be found faithful! Because why on earth would I want to lose one bit of Almighty God’s protection for even one single second?

Lord, may I understand more and more what is right, what is just, what is fair according to Your standards and Your holiness. Lead me in Your pathways for my life so that I will always find the right way to go…which is Your way to go. Amen.

Jan L. Burt

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