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Why Another Blog??

Great question.

Does the world really need yet another blog? Well…maybe not. But I think the world ~ or at least the women of the world ~ could use a little more of what I hope to offer via this blog & a whole lot less of the negativity & mess that is in overabundance in our cyber-saturated society.

So I still haven’t told you what this blog, this site, is about. It’s about Jesus, mostly. Because He is the only doggone thing I have ever found that takes the sting out of life in this rough-and-tumble world. Just Him. Jesus alone has been able to fix what has been broken in my life, and I am sure not alone.

If you are a women who knows Jesus, who is trying to figure out who this Jesus fellow is, want to grow in your walk with Him, or just landed her by seeming accident as you were surfing the web, then you are in the right place at the right time.

Very soon, I will begin an ongoing, online Bible study for women right here at (More about that later…) For the time being, I will post Bible-based content here on a regular basis and plan to have an opt-in offer or two available for you super soon.

Right now I’d like to leave you with a bit of a challenge. Read Romans chapter 1. Take a moment to pray before you start, and ask the Lord to show you something new, something He wants you to see or understand in a new way. Read it with a journal and pen/pencil and take notes. Write down verses that “jump out” at you. Record what you see as you read. And come back and comment if you’d like. Hey, we’re women who need to do life together ~ you never know who might be impacted as they read your comment. I know that has happened to me many times! The comments can be more powerful than the post!

Lord bless & I hope to “see” you back here soon!

Jan L. Burt


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