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The Once-A-Year Homeschool Planner

This pdf printable download contains everything you need to plan our your homeschool year ~ whether you are teaching 1 child or a dozen ~ whether you are teaching year round or following the traditional public school schedule ~ whether you teaching multiple different grade levels or just one ~ whether you use textbooks or delight-directed learning methods ~ whatever your needs, this planning system can work for you!

By spending a few days preparing for the upcoming academic year, you will begin the year with a specific yet over-arching plan that will make your weekly lesson planning a breeze. You will not wonder what book to teach next or how much work to do in each subject, because you will have it all laid out before you even start your first day of school.

Included are instructions, helpful tips and printable worksheet pages ~ buy this product once and use it year after year at one low price ~ just $27 for unlimited lifetime use for your family’s homeschool.

You can also find more information & tips to implement this planning system at the Facebook page ~ The Once-A-Year Homeschool Planner by Jan L. Burtcover page(1)

Get ready to have the most well-planned, easy-to-implement homeschool year ever!

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