“Right now, perhaps more than ever, we need to get the promises of God into the people of God. That’s why JanLBurt.com exists.”

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Life is complicated and can leave us weary and worn out. We need encouragement, and God's Word has what we need. Life is hard - but even in the hard stuff, God is still good. Be encouraged today - click on the "Devotions" tab on the menu.



What does the Bible teach about prayer? How can we pray bigger, bolder, more daring prayers based on the Word of God?

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My husband & I are the very blessed parents of one son, four daughters, & the world’s greatest son-in-law.

This picture speaks volumes compared to my measly words…so I will simply say, “Thank You, Lord, for my people…”

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My book, “The Power of God’s Will - 40 Days of God’s Promises Devotional” is now available at Amazon (paperback or Kindle).

What’s more important than getting a life-changing handle on everything God has promised you? How would your life change if you could begin to tangibly see the promises of God coming to pass in your life? Right now, perhaps more than ever, we need to get the promises of God into the people of God. This devotional helps to do that by examining forty promises from the Bible in which the Lord uses the word “WILL” to express His commitment to keep all of His promises to us.